Guest blogging for Headliner Magazine

We’re constantly looking for super-talented, inquisitive but fun and outgoing music / lifestyle guest bloggers or budding journos who know how to put an enticing story together and submit work that is typo free.

To curb expectations, contributions are unpaid but we offer wide exposure of your work. Of course, your article, photos, videos, etc. will be fully credited to you and you will have your very own author profile on Headliner which will allow to promote yourself as a blogger / journalist with links to your work, website or Social Profiles.

HEADLINER magazine is part of Ticketmaster / Live Nation and your work will get in front of the millions of fans on our Headliner, Ticketmaster* and Ticketmaster Resale* networks.

Selected contributed work may be syndicated to our sister blogs at Ticketmaster / Live Nation, as well as partnering websites. 

Submit your work!

Up for it? Great!

Join our amazing team (yes, we think so) of music enthusiasts by emailing your article or article pitch to Cornel, our Editor in Chief, at
(Please note: Only MS Word, PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF files can be accepted)

It goes without saying, we will let you know as soon as we can whether or not your work will get published on HEADLINER. This will allow you to submit your work elsewhere in case we feel it doesn’t fit our requirements.


Ok, so here are some main requirements:

  • Speak and write English fluently. Sorry, at present, we only accept submissions in English.
  • Adheres to our guest blogging guidelines (see below).
  • Requires Blog Community info (see below).

Guest Blogging Guidelines

A few points for housekeeping:

  • HEADLINER is new and we want to be different. Please don’t attempt to “contribute” duplicate content. We will call you out!
  • Equally, if we publish your work we ask you not to re-use the same (or re-worded) content elsewhere.
  • While we will always cite you as the author of work you have submitted to us, HEADLINER assumes the intellectual property (IP) is being passed on to us.
  • We don’t have a minimum length for contributed articles but on average 400 – 700 words would seem ideal.
  • Your work will be promoted through our networks, including but not exclusive, our customer databases, Social Media and affiliate networks.
  • We don’t pay for guest blogging. However, we may reach out to our guest blogger base to cover specific topics for which we may offer compensation in form of paid expenses, free event tickets or payment.
  • We’re a happy, friendly bunch and so are our readers. In fact, HEADLINER covers a broad range and our readers come from all walks of life and of all ages. Needless to say, offensive views, intolerance, swearing or graphic sexual references will not be accepted.
  • We’re not interested in product placements or cross-promote your brand/product.
  • SEO agencies and link builder: This gig is not for you. Please do not contact us offering backlinks or “SEO-friendly” content writers.
  • We’re not endorsing corporate or sales sites.
  • All submissions will be proofed by our editorial team – their decision of what goes live or not is final.

Blogger community

We’re creating a blogger community and for that it’s good to know each other a little bit. Please include the following info when submitting work to us for the first time:

  • A short coverletter that (1) summarises who you are and (2) links to previous work (i.e.: your blog, portfolio, etc.).
  • What type of music (or fashion, art, etc.) you’re into (Hint: “Everything” as an answer won’t do.).
  • The last 4 gigs (or related events) you’ve attended.
  • A picture of yourself (can be you Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook profile picture – as long as our readers can see your pretty face).
  • Anything you feel our readers should know about you.