This site is all about live entertainment, and you’ll find everything from the latest tour announcements to backstage insights, gig reviews, features about the industry, and anything else music and events related. And, fear not! You’re in excellent hands with the bunch of writers and music lovers who’ll be contributing. Between us, we’ve been lucky enough to go to hundreds of gigs, meet some of our favourite artists and attend some of the world’s best festivals (I said we were lucky.).

So, a little bit about us…

First up we have our resident Abba fan and sarcasm extraordinaire Ian. He’s really a big Foo Fighters fan (I think the Abba part in his bio was a joke.). He also loves WWE. He’ll be commenting on music, but you may get the odd sports piece from him, too. Rochelle is our eyes and ears on all things up-and-coming. She’s a big soul and electronic fan and can put together a party playlist like no other. She’s great at introducing you to music you’ve likely never thought about listening to before, and she earned her music chops working for a number of festivals. Next, we have Cornel whose favourite stomping ground was the music-rich Camden. He’s got a few stories to tell. He’s also got some ridiculous musical knowledge stemmed from his past as a music booker, which he’s happy to share with you lot. Then there’s Claire. As much as she loves her rock ’n’ roll, Claire can’t help but sometimes listen to One Direction or Maroon 5’s entire back catalogues. There’s just something about a good pop band, she reckons. Expect music news and features about anything and everything from her. We’ll also have the odd guest contributor, who’ll give you their expert insight and thoughts into the latest musical happenings. Between us you’re in good hands, as one thing’s for sure, we’re all mad about one thing: music.

Meet our staff

Cornel Lazar (Editor in Chief for Headliner magazine; Brand and Marketing Manager for Ticketmaster).

Cornel Lazar

Editor-in-Chief (Headliner) Digital Brand and Marketing Manager (Ticketmaster)

Music and theatre enthusiast and avid guitarist. Join me at my favourite fringe theatre or down the pub discussing the songwriting qualities of the likes of John Lennon, Patti Smith and Marina and The Diamonds. Email: cornel.lazar@ticketmaster.co.uk Twitter: @cornellazar
Claire Johnson (Editorial Assistant for Headliner magazine; Content and Social Media Executive for Ticketmaster Resale).

Claire Johnson

Editorial Assistant (Headliner)

A rock lover at heart, I’m partial to a messy festival but just as happy with a trip to the theatre. Favourite gigs? Foo Fighters, Five Finger Death Punch, Motley Crue, System of a Down & Johnny Flynn. Email: claire.johnson@ticketmaster.co.uk
Ian Martin (Editorial Assistant for Headliner magazine; Content and Paid Search Executive for Ticketmaster Resale).

Ian Martin

Editorial Assistant (Headliner)

In these bios people tend to talk about their first CD and concert. Considering my first CD was Billie’s Honey To The B, and my first gig was an Abba cover band, I probably shouldn’t mention these… My taste has improved over the years though. Some days I’ll even listen to the real Abba. Email: ian.martin@ticketmaster.co.uk
Rochelle Shanthakumar (Assignment Editor for Headliner magazine; Marketing Executive for Ticketmaster Resale).

Rochelle Shanthakumar

Assignment Editor (Headliner)

My favourite festival is Sonar, and the last amazing gig I went to see was Charles Bradley. I like lots of electronic, experimental and soul. Email: rochelle.shanthakumar@ticketmaster.co.uk
Default Avatar (Contributing Writer for Headliner magazine).

Katie White

PR Ticketmaster

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